Dr. Malissa WoodIf you are one of the millions of women who has been diagnosed with heart disease or are at risk for developing it, you might be surprised to learn that simple life changes will profoundly affect your health. According to a revolutionary study by Harvard-trained cardiologist Malissa Wood, true cardiovascular health must address the whole heart--its physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects.

Dr. Wood's findings form the basis of Smart at Heart, a breakthrough mind-body approach to preventing and healing heart disease by strengthening the ten "bridges" that create total heart health. By exploring these ten key areas of your life, you can fight heart disease. For example, while exercise and nutrition are known to improve cardiac health (and make up two of the bridges), Dr. Wood's study also shows how small changes to your environment, the way you communicate, or how you handle stress has a big effect on your heart. So something as commonplace as clearing out the clutter from your home can positively change not only your emotions, but also your physical well-being.

What People are Saying…

"If improving your general health and longevity is on your to-do list, this book is for you. Dr. Wood shares cutting-edge research, personal anecdotes, and inspirational patient stories in a heartfelt guide that will touch your heart and improve your health."

--Marie Pasinski, MD, author of Beautiful Brain, Beautiful You

Upcoming Events

Date Title Location
January 8. 2012 Smart at Heart Reception and Signing Concord Bookshop
January 19, 2012 Smart at Heart Reception and Signing Sara Campbell Boutique Boston
February 14, 2012 Presentation and Signing- Women's Leadership Council Covidien Headquarters Mansfield, MA
February 17, 2012 Love Your Heart Health Expo New Braunfels, TX

Smart at Heart

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